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If you are a member of the media and would like more information about Second Step, please contact:

Second Step, Inc.
Sales Office
5608 Gulf Drive, Ste. 107
Holmes Beach FL 34217
Office: 941.567.4200
Toll Free: 877.299.STEP
Fax: 866.596.0765
Corporate Office
Second Step, Inc.
David Dubats, President
P.O. Box 1565
Holmes Beach FL 34218-1565
Direct:  941.545.7580


Press Release

The Headliner, Newsletter of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon, Summer/Fall 2015, “Physical Therapy Assistant takes the next step in his post stroke brain recovery” - Click Here

 Second Step announces the introduction of our newest products

NEW Gait Harness System II - GHS5000

NEW GHS doublewide forearm support top - GHS9200

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Grace Center for Adult Day Services -  

Second Step, Inc. affiliates with Grace Center for Adult Day Services, Corvallis OR. Grace Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive quality services to meet the adult day care needs in three community counties. Grace Center strives to become a model of excellence in adult day care services, offering unique on-site services to adults with physical, mental and social stimulation as well as health monitoring and care management.

Rehab Institute of Michigan -

Second Step, Inc. is currently partnering with the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Detroit Medical Center at The Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery, the first hospital-based program of its kind in the U.S., which is using the Gait Harness System® in providing a high-intensity physical therapy program for its clients.

Level 11 PT-

Second Step, Inc. affiliates with Level 11 PT, Grand Blanc, MI, a certified Gait Harness System® training center. Level 11 PT uses a mixture of aggressive physical therapies found in Russia, Italy, Portugal and China, is designed for those living with Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other neurological conditions, and provides several on-site amenities for those traveling from out-of-state.  

Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon -

Second Step, Inc. is a Director on the Board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon, whose mission is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education, and advocacy. The Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon envisions a world where all preventable brain injuries are prevented, all unpreventable brain injuries are minimized ,and all individuals who have experienced brain injury maximize their quality of life.  

Foundation for Physical Therapy -





Second Step Inc BBB Business Review


 Second Step Inc. - Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Second Step, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Medical Equipment Supplier in Holmes Beach, FL 

Press Release: – The Center for Stroke Recovery article, Fall 2012, “Gait Harness System Provides Alternative for Mobility Rehabilitation” Click here

Gait Harness System Medicaid Spend Down Brochure,  Click here

Press Release: Eugene Magazine, Spring 2011 , “Step by step” Click here

Press Release: The Headliner, Newsletter of the Brain Injury Association of Oregon, Spring 2011, “Learning How to Walk Again…..And What Better Way to Accomplish Medicaid Spend Down?” Click Here

Discovery Health Channel’s Medical Incredible features a segment about the Gait Harness System: View segment here 

Press Release:  Caroline Myss News, January 27, 2009 Newsletter Click Here

Press Release:  PT Products Magazine, June 2008, featured cover story, “Aiming High--Setting Ambitious Goals for Those Who Suffer from TBI Click here

Press Release: The Headliner, Newsletter of the Brain Injury Association of Oregon, Spring 2008, “A New Approach to Walking Again for Those Living with TBI” Click here

Press Release: Grace Center for Adult Day Services Newsletter, April 2008, “Using the ‘Second Step’—The Gait Harness System in Action Click here

Press Release: Whittier Rehab Hospital’s Rehabilitation Today, Vol. 3 Issue 3, 2006/2007, “On the Road to Recovery-The Story of Ron Guil” Click here

Press Release: The Headliner, Newsletter of the Brain Injury Association of Oregon, Summer 2007, “New Hope for Those Living with Traumatic Brain Injuries: Learning to Walk Again” Click here

Press Release: Therapy Times, September 2006, “Physical Therapy-Overcoming Obstacles with a Dual Product Approach” Click here

Press Release: Corvallis Gazette-Times, May 2006, “A fresh touch of Grace” Click here

Press Release: Des Moines Register Guard, March 27, 2005, “Whatever it takes”

“Second Step Gait Harness System as Compared to Body Weight Support Systems,” William Thornton, MPT, Click here

Addressing Resident Mobility and Fall Prevention:  A Clinical Perspective with Gait Training,” Joseph Millen, PT MTC Click here  


No problem is too big…if the right people, with the right treatment, and the right System, go at it the right way




  Second Step, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Medical Equipment Supplier in Holmes Beach, FL  



….. renewed hope of recovery
“Your videos of brain injured folks, like my son, using the GHS brings tears to my eyes because it reminds us to never give up and to keep trying new things.”
Bonnie P., parent of user, Eugene OR
.....healthy opportunities for recovery
 “Just this morning the Gait Harness System was bringing some amazement and tears to staff members as a student used it successfully.”
David Cacciatore, Physical Therapist, Lane School, Houston TX


…..keeping therapists & patients safe
 “Patients cannot fall using the GHS as the harness is designed to support their full body weight if necessary.  No walker or cane can compare to the safety of this System.”
Nicole Prieto-Lewis, Director of the Gait and Balance Laboratory, Gainesville VA, Gainesville FL

Many clients have found Second Step, and learned about the Gait Harness System, because of their interest in one or more of the following:

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At Second Step, Inc. we specialize in helping people walk and stand again. Our product line includes:

second step gait harness system, gait harness system, adult harnesses, Gait Harness System II , pediatric harnesses

You may contact us at:,, 541.337.5790, 941.545.7580,877.299.7837