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Knute - 22 year history of traumatic brain injury

Knute takes his first steps walking, 22 years after his TBI  
Knute suffered a traumatic brain injury following a motor vehicle accident, when he was only 11 years old. This is a remarkable 1st video of Knute taking his beginning steps, after 22 years of being wheelchair bound.

Knute makes incredible progress walking again after his TBI, 26 years ago 
Knute is now walking over 3,000 feet per session. At his request, he is also doing many advanced exercise activities to further challenge and strengthen his full body. Knute is making the impossible, possible again, with safe walking and exercise.




Robert - 13 year history of traumatic brain injury

Robert walks outdoors for the first time since his Brain Injury, 13 years ago 
Robert walked, and was able to walk outdoors, for the first time since his traumatic brain injury, while he was attending the Brain Injury Association Conference in Oregon in March 2010. It was a day to celebrate and be a part of his inspiring walk.


Walking again 1 year later - Robert's astounding progress, 14 years post his TBI  
Robert had been confined to a wheelchair, and not able to walk for over 13 years. 1 year after he began using the Gait Harness System, Robert is improving the quality of his social communications with others, at an eye-to-eye level. He enjoys using his GHS daily, taking it outside daily to enjoy the fresh air and to spend time with family and friends. Robert has now graduated out of the GHS, and walks completely independently.

Marlene - 3 year history of severe balance disturbance, cerebellar degeneration disease


Marlene walks again for the 1st time, following cerebellar degeneration disease     
Marlene had stopped walking entirely after the onset of severe balance disturbance and cerebellar degeneration disease several years ago. This inspiring video highlights her 1st steps, in the Gait Harness System, walking safely and more independently.


1 year later, Marlene increases her walking and returns to enjoyed activities in the kitchen 
This video story shows Marlene thrilled to be back in the kitchen, facing the open side of the GHSII to put up dishes, practice sideways walking, washing her hands at the kitchen sink, and washing off a table. Using the GHSII in creative, practical ways like this opens Marlene's eyes to a whole new window of opportunities, parts of her life she has missed.

Donald - long-term history of post stroke, CVA, post-traumatic stress disorder, TBI, orthopedic issues


After 6 months not walking, Donald gets back on his feet and out of his nursing home bed   
On Father’s Day 2010, Donald, a Korean War veteran, walks for the first time in 6 months, after being entirely bed-bound in a residential skilled nursing facility. Previously, increasing falls had led to multiple hospitalizations and increasingly protracted stays in skilled nursing facilities. This is a great story, and just the start of seeing Donald improve after his history of stroke, CVA, PTSD, multiple bone fractures, and brain injury.



1 year later, Donald celebrates his birthday, walking again
Donald celebrated wonderful success walking again on his birthday this year. Donald loves being up and out of bed, and walks several times a week in his Gait Harness System. He has built a great deal of speed, endurance, and finesse.


an INDIVIDUALIZED approach     PERSONALIZED attention

LIFE CHANGING options    clinically PROVEN results

healthy opportunities for RECOVERY


Learn to Walk Again with the Second Step Gait Harness System  

The Gait Harness System is…

More than a walking frame

More than a gait trainer

More than a standing frame

More than a standing walker

More than a platform walker

More than a medical walker

More than a rollator

More than parallel bars


We are the people who CARE. We will….


TAKE THE TIME to answer your questions

LISTEN to your needs


Walking again can change your life. Your health cannot wait.


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 Finding options, finding answersit's about WALKING AGAIN


  Second Step, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Medical Equipment Supplier in Holmes Beach, FL  



….. renewed hope of recovery
“Your videos of brain injured folks, like my son, using the GHS brings tears to my eyes because it reminds us to never give up and to keep trying new things.”
Bonnie P., parent of user, Eugene OR
.....healthy opportunities for recovery
 “Just this morning the Gait Harness System was bringing some amazement and tears to staff members as a student used it successfully.”
David Cacciatore, Physical Therapist, Lane School, Houston TX
…..keeping therapists & patients safe
 “Patients cannot fall using the GHS as the harness is designed to support their full body weight if necessary.  No walker or cane can compare to the safety of this System.”
Nicole Prieto-Lewis, Director of the Gait and Balance Laboratory, Gainesville VA, Gainesville FL

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