Pushing boundaries, getting you back to everyday living.

The Gait Harness System

The GHS allows freedom to push beyond previous barriers and boundaries in a safe, secure, supported way.

The Gait Harness System

Pushing boundaries, getting you back to everyday living.

The Gait Harness System

Could the Gait Harness System improve your quality of life?

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The Gait Harness System

Safe Way to Stand and Walk Again with the Second Step Therapeutic Gait Harness System / Second Step Inc.

More than a Gait Trainer, Standing Frame or Walking Frame. The GHS provides new opportunities to safely stand and walk again while preventing fall related injuries. Promotes Neuroplastic outcomes critically important for rehabilitation.

Who uses the Gait Harness System?

The GHS is a time-tested standing and walking frame solution for people wanting over ground walking practice. Clients have experienced a wide range of disabling ambulation, gait, and balance rehabilitation issues.

Clients who come to us are committed. They are looking for results and an investment which will pay off. Our clients have a primary goal of regaining their ability to stand and walk again, safely, more independently, and getting back to their lives again.

The GHS simplifies ambulation, offering survivors new opportunities to recover.

Going towards a goal to be better

I’ve been through 5 clinics, years of different PT and tried multiple types of devices. I have worked with the Second Step Gait Harness System more than 1 time at more than 1 clinic. I’ve seen more than one person that the Second Step has helped. Each time it enabled me to push my boundaries and get me back out in everyday living. It gave me confidence, most of all. The weight bearing feels great after sitting down for a lot of time. I could never take my walker and walk 1000 feet, but with the Second Step I definitely can. The GHS is stable and strengthened me in places I couldn’t get to with other equipment. It’s about people taking the adversity, using it as something good and going towards a goal to be better. You just have to find the path to get you where you want to be.

Doug E.

T11/T12 complete spinal cord injury survivor

Safety & Support

The safety of our clients is #1. Our products are made in the USA under stringent quality controls. The GHS is a patented, FDA registered, commercial grade product.

Much more stable than a Standing Walker, the client is comfortably supported at the center of the frame and is safe from falling in any direction. The GHS allows clients to exercise according to their conditions and abilities.

Gait Harness trunk support, within the horizontal suspension system of the GHS, solves the issue of client security and safety when the client is upright and weight-bearing. The support system allows the client to rest as desired.

In the GHS the client has proper postural positioning. The client is then free to stand, move and rest in a more effective, comfortable, natural way.

Security & Success

The Gait Harness System is a high performance, secure solution when and where you need it most. The GHS moves as an extension of the client, following client lead in guided activities.

The System enables the client to support themselves while regaining mobility, drastically reducing fear of falling and risk of injury to themselves or caregivers.

The GHS allows the client to increase their level of functioning as they progress through rehab and recovery.  The client can perform greater movement than they could perform safely without the GHS’s support during over ground training.

Clients experience stronger, faster recoveries, and better psychological and physical health using the System.  The GHS is unlike any other standing/walking support system. No other product provides the same combination of safety, therapeutic advantages, comfort, versatility, features and ease of use.

We stand behind our products, every step of the way.

Watch & Learn

In The Home

See how many clients at home are raising life quality with the Gait Harness System.

In The Clinic

Therapists and a patient demonstrate and describe benefits that make the GHS unique.

GHS Safety & Support

Joe Millen MPT demonstrates the GHS’s versatile functioning & support system.

Using the Second Step has been amazing for me and for so many others.  The comfort of knowing I’m going to be safe is #1. It was a big relief to me because if I’m in the GHS and I fall, I’m safe. Second Step was there for me in each and every way.

Jimmy D.

Multiple Sclerosis survivor

Using the GHS has changed my patient’s life forever. At first, he needed 2 people just to assist him standing. Now, he is ambulating 40 feet with only minimal assistance to advance his left leg. He wouldn’t be walking if it weren’t for the GHS. I can’t thank you enough for helping him achieve his goals.

Stacey Tomczak


We got Mom the Gait Harness System today and had her standing several times for up to 20 seconds. Without the GHS, she is only able to stand for 10-second intervals. Her physiotherapist loves it. It is so much more productive. Mom is absolutely thrilled.

Tina S.

Daughter of post-stroke survivor

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