Meet the Founders

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Meet the Founders

David Dubats, Founder & President

Prior to founding Second Step, David served in the U.S. Air Force. Subsequently, he worked as a software design engineer at NASA, Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. David has served as a Board Member on the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon, and has been an annual conference presenter.

In the 1980’s, David’s mother developed cancer, which greatly affected her ability to walk. From his personal devotion to his mother, David’s objective became honoring the dignity and independence of each person working with disabling conditions. He began studying wheelchairs, walkers, and other equipment, and concluded there was tremendous room for improvement. More significantly, he discovered that people lacking the ability to use their lower limbs had virtually no technologies available that could inspire hope for walking again.

Under David’s direction, Second Step has invested years of research and development into inventing what is now known as the Gait Harness System (GHS).

The engineering designs were produced by David. He designed the GHS to help people learn to stand and walk again, during over-ground training, over real-world floor and ground surfaces.

Because of David’s personal history and struggle to help a loved one at home be safe to walk again, over the decades what has pleased him most is the transition of Gait Harness System into the home user, real world environment.

David says, “There is no greater success than when I watch someone walk for the first time in months or years. It’s beyond words when I witness them in the Gait Harness System, taking their first steps, with their family there to share the joy.”

You can read more about David’s experience founding Second Step in this interview.

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Steffani Dubats J.D., Sales Director

After college, Steffani spent several years working in an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Portland, Oregon. Subsequently, she had a decade long career as an attorney, practicing in Seattle with the Washington State Attorney General’s office and private law firms. After leaving the field of law, she owned and managed a health and nutrition business before circling back to her original passion of physical therapy and fitness.

Steffani grew up with a disabled father. A research chemist and US veteran, her father suffered a lower extremity amputation resulting from a workplace accident. Steffani understands how traumatic injury and inability to walk impacts the entire family.

Because of her life-long personal experience, Steffani appreciates every person deserves to be treated with dignity, regardless of ability or disability. As Sales Director, she ensures every person with questions about the GHS can anticipate personalized, thorough, professional and courteous service.

Steffani believes that doing something is always better than doing nothing; and that every step is a step forward. She says “To live it is to know it. No one understands the struggle of the person working through a disability, and the struggle of their caregivers, until they experience it, every day.”

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