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Second Step is a veteran owned company. Our parents were also veterans, and we have children who are active duty military. We are committed to helping veterans learn to walk again overground using the full support Second Step Gait Harness System (GHS).

Veterans working through a wide variety of standing and walking again challenges experience stronger, faster recoveries, and better psychological and physical health using the GHS.

The GHS all-in-one standing and walking frame was created as the solution to the problem of helping the veteran comfortably and safely learn to stand again and walk again when working through disabling illness or injury.

The GHS has been used successfully by VA Medical Centers, Polytrauma hospitals, Community Living Centers, in- and outpatient clinics and with veterans living at home.

Which Veterans can be helped by the Gait Harness System?

A complete transitional care system, the GHS is very versatile and can easily adapt to the myriad of veteran needs. The System offers supported safety while standing and walking upright.

The GHS is intended for veterans who have walking and standing challenges due to widely divergent medical conditions, including, but not limited to:


Best Pricing for Veterans and VA Facilities

Second Step is contracted with the VA and offers best pricing to veterans and VA facilities. Our products are 100% US designed, manufactured, and assembled.

When contacting us for free Gait Harness System for Home Users or Gait Harness System for Practitioners quote pricing, let us know you are a veteran, serving active duty, or a VA facility.

The GHS offers more efficient PT and OT

Without the use of the GHS, many injuries require 3 therapists working with one veteran at a time. The GHS allows for a one-on-one ratio, freeing up PTs and OTs to work with more veterans.

The System also creates more independence for the veteran in a safe, comfortable environment while therapy is being done.

The GHS is easy to use, portable, safe for therapist and veteran and saves the VA and the veteran money compared to other therapy and equipment options.

VA facilities are provided Competency Checklists to ensure proper staff training.

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The Second Step Gait Harness System allows veterans to increase their level of functioning and perform greater movement than they could perform safely without the GHS’s support during overground training.

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Debbie Pitsch, PT, Palo Alto Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto CA

The GHS promotes a faster gait velocity, which is difficult to do with over-ground ambulation. I have found benefits using the GHS with amputee patients, who are fearful of falling, as it can promote less dependence on the parallel bars. I have observed the Gait Harness System may reduce anxiety and fear of falling, and improve motivation.

E. King, PT, James A Haley Veteran’s Hospital, Tampa FL

I have a 40-year-old male patient who sustained a TBI in 1994. He and his family were educated in the proper set-up and application of the GHS, and a request was made to have a unit shipped to Tennessee for patient to use in the home for continuity of care and continued functional training. This patient has high needs for mobility assistance and is in the GHS approximately 6x/week at this time. Without the GHS, he would not have ambulating opportunities.

A. Flood, PT, James A Haley Veteran’s Hospital, Tampa FL

One of my veteran clients, who has a lower extremity amputation, lives in a rural area in South Carolina and inconsistently received therapy services at home. We helped the family get a GHS for them to work on his ambulation at home once he was discharged.

Second Step products are not designed to treat or cure any issue, condition or disease. Results vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with the treating doctor or health care provider regarding health-related questions, assessments, and recommendations, including addressing the client’s specific medical issues, limitations, or needs. Second Step manufactures custom merchandise. No refunds will be given on any order. All sales and layaways are final.

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