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Orthopaedic Success Stories

Orthopaedic Success Stories

 Safe exercise leads to a longer, healthier life

Safe exercise and walking are very important for people working through orthopaedic and low extremity amputation issues. Supported, safe exercise leads to a longer, healthier life and reduces the risk of falling.

Over ground walking is an effective means to regain greater independence of gait. Clients with LE amputations find the Gait Harness System helpful as they learn to walk with prosthetics. As you will see below, progress may be made both immediately and in the months and years to come.

Crissa’s Story

Crissa is an above-knee, lower extremity amputee with continuous vertigo. To improve lateral control, she replaced a 4-wheel braking walker with the Second Step Gait Harness System.

John’s Story

John is T11-12 Incomplete. He sustained a spinal cord injury and above knee amputation secondary to a motor vehicle accident. He had not tried to walk in over 15 years. Johns therapist has graduated him, using the Second Step Gait Harness System, through two prosthetics and orthotics, to what you now see.

Jim’s Story

Jim was pleased to find his recovery after a stroke and a knee replacement got him back on his feet again. He was able to address his balance and weakness issues safely and productively, and has resumed his hobbies and active lifestyle.

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