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A unique, all-in-one standing and walking frame.

Since 1989, Second Step has established a legacy of excellence with Gait Harness System (GHS) products to help people learn to stand and walk again. We have a passion to help clients preserve and build positive therapy outcomes and improve walking recoveries.

The videos below show how the GHS can be used both in the home and in the clinic, indoors and outdoors. You will see how the Second Step Gait Harness System is a unique, all-in-one standing frame and walking frame, providing ease of use, comfort, security, and great versatility.

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Safety & Support

Joe Millen MPT has been practicing physical therapy for almost 30 years. Here he demonstrates how the Gait Harness System supports the client and functional use. With the GHS, many people are walking again for the first time in the 5, 10, and 20+ years since their illness or injury.

Walking Again

Joe shows how to use the Second Step Gait Harness System at a physical therapy clinic. Sometimes, a patient knows exactly what the therapist wants but doesn’t deliver, whether due to inability, pain, or boredom. Innovative tools like the Second Step Gait Harness System can help to overcome these challenges by engaging the patient cognitively.

Functional Activities

Achieving functional outcomes using the Gait Harness System to experience increased recovery. Recovery means more than fixing a damaged brain or spinal cord. Recovery is empowerment, recovery is independence, recovery is dignity.

Gait Harness

Safe, comfortable patient transfers and standing and walking again for the first time in years is now possible for many people. The Second Step Gait Harness provides increased client and caregiver/therapist safety through a greater degree of patient control during transfers, reduced forces on the lumbar spine of caregiver and patient alike, and standardized handholds for proper positioning.

Sense of Freedom

Chase Knight, Program Specialist at Grace Center for Adult Day Services shares, “I have used the Second Step Gait Harness System for 11 years with clients with stroke, traumatic brain injuries and Parkinson’s Disease. What I like best about the Second Step GHS is that it provides participants a sense of freedom, security & quells fears of falling.”

Pediatric Demonstration

Children & adults are standing and walking again for the first times with the Second Step Gait Harness System (GHS) with increased independence. This 9 year old child shows how easy it is to maneuver the GHS up and down hallways and turn around in corners.

Helping People Walk Again

The Second Step GHS is simple to use, and combines unique features to ensure safe and proper support, positioning and balance for the client. Call 877-299-STEP and learn more today.

GHS Transfer In

Knute transfers directly from his wheelchair into the Gait Harness System with minimal assistance.

GHS Transfer Out

This video shows how Mary Ann is kept safe and comfortable transferring out of the GHS.

Hand-hold Accessory

Application of the Hand-hold Accessory with the Gait Harness System.

Total Transfer System

People are using this system when they need extra assistance for someone they are trying to help stand or walk. You do not need special skills or strength to get someone transferred into the Second Step Gait Harness System using Totalift2.

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