Purchasing & Ordering the Gait Harness System
What does the GHS cost?

Contact us for a free quote and access to our product pricing page link. Second Step products are sales tax exempt within the domestic US.

How much does it cost to ship?

Purchase price includes complimentary shipping and handling on orders shipped within the domestic US.  International clients, contact us for shipping fees.

How do I purchase & order?
1. Download and complete the Order Form
2. Select how you want to submit the Order Form
  • Call us at 877.299.STEP (7837)

  • Scan & Email to our Sales Office

  • Fax to 877.299.5428

  • Mail (check remittance) to:

Second Step, Inc.

P.O. Box 565

Anna Maria FL 34216-0565

  • Wire transfer instruction, contact us (provide Gait Harness measurements separately from transaction)

  • Purchase online via PayPal, credit card, or PayPal e-check (Contact us for “Buy Now” link. Provide Gait Harness measurements separately from online transaction)

More Details

  • GHS Order Form information can be returned to us via secure e-fax, scanned email, or mail. We also take orders via telephone.

  • We accept direct payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, PayPal, bank draft, check, and wire transfer.

  • We also offer PayPal Credit, a credit account you can use to make your GHS purchase (subject to credit approval).

    • See if you qualify for PayPal financing, and if you are eligible for PayPal’s “No interest if paid in full in 6 months” offer

  • Medical facilities/practitioners must submit orders with a PO number.

  • We can bill auto and worker’s compensation insurance with your claim adjuster’s written authorization and provision of claim number.

  • We can bill a funding organization which provides us written approval and authorization.

  • We do not bill third-party payers. This includes private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    • If you have private insurance, contact us for the HCPCS codes with which your insurance may reimburse you post purchase.

    • Medicare considers specialty standing frame and walking frame durable medical therapy equipment such as the GHS to be a “noncovered item.”

    • Medicaid may limit coverage for equipment such as the GHS to children under age 14. Pre-authorizations must be submitted by a state-contracted DME company in your area. If the user is over age 14, you may investigate Medicaid waiver programs and alternate funding assistance in your state.

  • Consumer purchase may qualify you for an IRS Medical Expense Deduction.

  • Contact us for information on our flex pay layaway plan.

Full payment is required in advance of any order shipment. All sales, leases, lease-to-owns, and layaways are final.

If you have any questions on Order Form completion, call us at 877-299-(STEP) 7837.

Second Step, Inc., at its discretion, reserves the right to refuse service or sale to anyone for any reason.

At Second Step, we have a passion to help clients preserve and build positive therapy outcomes and improve walking recoveries with our products, including the Practitioner’s Gait Harness System II and the Home User’s Gait Harness System II.

We believe the GHS provides greater versatility than any standing frame, walking frame, standing walker or gait trainer. Visit our Product Demonstration Gallery to see how the System works.

Connect to our  Why Stand? Why Walk? How does the GHS work? ,  Will the GHS work for me? , How is the GHS the best?,  How do I purchase and order? and Frequently asked Questions pages for more helpful, detailed information.

If you are ready to step forward and learn to walk again in a more natural way,  we stand ready to help.

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