Evidence-Based practice confirms: Gait Harness System safely helps people learn to stand and walk again

Below enjoy feedback Gait Harness System users have shared regarding dynamic functional recoveries when learning to stand and walk again post experiencing a disabling condition, illness, accident, or injury.

Our users are convinced the Second Step GHS offers features and benefits which exceed a standing frame, a walking frame, a gait trainer, or a standing walker.

Each user has individual goals, individual issues, and individual situations. Our goal is to make help make walking again, for those who need it, a reality.

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“After my accident I was told I would never walk again, but I never gave up hope! This is my first day up. It feels so wonderful to stand!” -Joyce A., SCI survivor, Detroit MI

​Two years after her accident, Joyce shows that standing and walking again is finally possible using the Second Step Gait Harness System. She is “excited to get back to my happy and wonderful life!” Joyce shares her personal story, and urges others to never give up opportunities to get better and get walking again.

Andrew was 26 years old when the motorcycle he was driving was struck by a car on the freeway. The result was a TBI that left him in a deep coma in addition to multiple site fractures. His therapy team, Advantage Rehab Services, were able to set new mobility goals by utilizing the GHSII to improve Andrew’s gait pattern and quality. Andrew can now use the GHSII to walk in the community on a daily basis with supervision. “Using the Second Step Gait Harness System II made me feel free to move, I felt more positive and confident. I love walking again; I wasn’t supposed to walk again.” His biggest rehab accomplishment is “being able to walk using the gait trainer independently in the sun.” He worked over a year to meet that goal!

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-Andrew Allgood, TBI survivor, San Jose CA

Robert suffered a TBI after being assaulted more than 13 years ago. He began using the Gait Harness System II every day at his residential adult foster home. One of Robert’s frustrations when he was bed- and wheel-chair bound after his TBI was the loss of his ability to “get up and see the world. Walking again gave me my life back! Work hard, don’t give up. You need to know, if I can do it, you can do it too!”

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-Robert, TBI survivor, Gresham OR

“I served our country, active duty, during the Korean War. After badly healed fractures in my leg, my ribs, and my arm kept me in bed at a nursing home for six months, I was told I shouldn’t expect to walk again. Well, they don’t know me!  I’m a competitive guy. This is me, resting after my first day walking after those six months, happy to be on my feet again. Six weeks later, I’m a lot stronger, and I’m walking so fast up and down all the hallways at the  home, the staff can’t keep up with me!”

-Donald D., veteran and post stroke, TBI & orthopedic survivor, Eugene OR

“After my accident, I didn’t walk for 22 years because everyone was afraid I would fall. Using the Gait Harness System to walk again is my dream come true!”

-Knute M., TBI survivor, Corvallis OR

“Using the Gait Harness System has been a life changing experience. It is allowing me to restore my ability and confidence. It’s hard work, but it’s good work. This has helped me become stronger. It’s great to feel my muscles again.”

-Marlene M., cerebellar degeneration survivor, Corvallis OR

“The Second Step Gait Harness System has helped me tremendously. I have tried body weight support treadmill training, with both an overhead lift and with the Lokomat. I’ve also tried the Litegait. I’ve also combined the Lokomat with the Gait Harness System and the latest therapy from the Rehab Institute of Michigan. What the Gait Harness System allowed me to do is walk at my own pace, with or without assistance. It allowed me to fully weight bear and with little to no discomfort, unlike every other harness. And that’s not even mentioning the obvious benefits, like endurance cardio.”

-Bob Smith, SCI survivor, Harrison Township MI

“I didn’t walk for 14 years. With the Gait Harness System, now I can walk four laps around the track with small breaks in between and also crawl about the same.”

-John T.,  SCI & LE amputee survivor, Bannister MI

“I can walk with KAFO’s around the track using the Second Step Gait Harness System and with little assistance from my trainer along with crawling forwards, backwards and side to side. I’m making progress with my stability along with increasing my upper body strength. If it weren’t for this program, I don’t think I’d be doing the unbelievable things I was told I would never do again.”

-Amy F.,SCI  survivor, Elkader IA

“I am a T12/L1 paraplegic. I found the Gait Harness System on the internet, after I couldn’t find anything like it here in Europe. The Gait Harenss System has helped me a great deal in rehab, I can easily move it from rehab back and forth to my home.”

-Paul R., SCI survivor, Wales, United Kingdom

“We got the Gait Harness System II, and strapped me in for a virgin voyage.  The first day I stood for about forty minutes doing some leg presses and just stationary standing.  The next day I was s-o-o-o-o sore, using muscles in my legs and back that hadn’t seen any action in a while! I am super excited and infinitely hopeful, and now is the time for the hard work.”

-Brook S., MS survivor, Anchorage AK

“My methodology is using my overhead lift to transfer me into the Second Step, then to lower me to where my elbows are on the top framework and my feet start to load. With this configuration, I can load my entire body weight or just a fraction of it, as needed. The Second Step gives me the platform for balance, and a place to put my elbows and arms so I can assist my legs.  I could not make this transition without the Second Step! I have a standing frame and we use that, but that provides additional support and does not allow the virtual natural standing that I’m able to do with the Second Step. My legs are getting stronger and I’m doing typically many flex and extend exercises with my knees, along with working constantly on chin down, shoulders back, posture, etc. I am extremely pleased.”

-Joel D., SCI survivor, retired US Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander, Greenwood SC

“We are still using the Second Step Gait Harness System 3 days a week (MWF) like clockwork.  It’s been a long grind (6 years) but T. is still hanging in there.  She can generally take about 20-25 steps at a time and usually we get about 3 sometimes 4 repetitions a day.”

-Frank D., parent of brain aneurysm survivor, Paradise Valley, AZ

“I’m able to stand and walk using the Second Step with the help of my trainer. Strength in my upper body, trunk control and my sitting posture has improved a great deal.”

-Cortney H., C 5-6 quad survivor, Riga MI

“Going back into an inpatient setting & doing Body Weight Support Treadmill Training, intuitively, feels like going backward.   I believe at home physical therapy with the Gait Harness System makes so much more sense from a functional improvement stance.”

-Carla S., RN and SCI survivor, Huntsville AL

“I am only 58 years old, post stroke. I was told I’d never walk again or have any movement on left side and I proved them wrong.  I’m determined to make as full of a recovery as I can.  Never will I stop fighting to get my life back and I believe that the second step is an essential weapon in my fight against the odds.  I feel as though some prayers were answered when my son found you on the internet.  I know this equipment will get me one, two, three, steps closer to my freedom, to my life, to the day when I walk out of that nursing home and never look back.  This equipment I know will save my life, end my physical limitations, stop my weight gain, and gift me with a bright and happy future. Thanks for giving me new hope and new faith. “

-Gayle P., post stroke survivor, Astoria OR

“I love the idea of your System and have to highly praise you for it. It’s an extremely incredible feeling for people to be able to be standing up and moving…such a huge thing for a disabled person and such a simple thing, taken for granted, by the able-bodied. Those small miracles are what make days so special for people. Thank you for your time and all of your efforts in this endeavor.”

-Michelle F., MS survivor, McKeesport PA

At Second Step, we have a passion to help clients preserve and build positive therapy outcomes and improve walking recoveries with our products, including the Practitioner’s Gait Harness System II and the Home User’s Gait Harness System II.

We believe the GHSII provides greater versatility than any standing frame, walking frame, standing walker or gait trainer. See our Product Demonstration Gallery to see how the GHSII works.

If you are ready to step forward and learn to walk again in a more natural way,  we stand ready to help.